Trigger Loop Full Series All Nine Mp3s

Trigger Loop series All Nine Mp3s In the Limited Edition Trigger Loop Series (Including artwork) These sessions are all SOLD OUT! The only way to get them is to buy the whole series. This is an amazing series full of subliminal suggestions, triggers and top notch femdom hypnosis affirmation training. All nine Triggering affirmation Mp3s for the price of eight sessions. So you will get triggered AND you get a price break. Lucky, lucky little you. These sessions will leave you breathless and begging for more training. Don’t dilly dally on this set of nine mp3 sessions. Only available as the full set. Which you know you want anyways. You never know when they are gong to be pulled from the market. If you ever thought about a full set of my limited edition loops, now is the time to jump in and get your… feet wet.

Series Includes:
Beta Male Trigger Loop
Bimbo Slut Trigger Loop
Bouncy Tits Trigger Loop
Increase Your Cock Trigger Loop
JOI Trigger Loop
Limp Cock Trigger Loop
Lock Ya Cock Trigger Loop
Premature Ejaculator Trigger Loop
Suck All The Cocks Trigger Loop

Listen:Bouncy Tits Trigger Loop Preview

Limp Cock Trigger Loop Preview

JOI Trigger Loop Preview

Increase Your Cock Trigger Loop Preview

Beta Male Trigger Loop Preview

Lock Ya Cock Trigger Loop Preview

Premature Ejaculator Trigger Loop Preview

Bimbo Slut Trigger Loop Preview

Suck All Cocks Trigger Loop Preview

Length : All Nine Mp3ss
File Format : .zip
Price: U.S. $199.00

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