Ultimate Submission

Trained though hypnosis to lose control of your cock, by your commitment to ultimate submission to your Mistress. Giving into this is your ultimate obedience. Your cock will no longer be yours, it will be triggered into a heightened arousal. A super sensitive state. Controlled into needing see your own your own cock pulsing triggers it into leaking and the cycle begins. This obsession grows into a deep lose of cock control which ultimate turns into being triggered to ejaculation, humiliating ejaculation after long periods of leaking uncontrollably, this kind of submission and obedience is a need you cant deny.

Triggered into this loss of cock control and your cock is no longer yours because it is mine. Mine though submission and obedience. This training to turn you into a pulsing sensitive spontaneous orgasmic plaything, my plaything turned on by what i want you turn on by, hyper arousal, sensitive, triggered and always leaking. Cock controlled until it explodes in the most inappropriate ways and places.

Includes: orgasm control, cock control, leaking, triggers, mind control, premature ejaculation, hyper arousal, mind control, brainwash, mind fuck, mental domination, femdom training, slave training, triggers, arousal transference training, trance training, slut training, obsession, humiliation, submission, submission training

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Length : 34 mins, 15 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00