Bedwetting Affirmations

bedwetting affirmationsPositive bedwetting affirmations to further your training to be the ultimate bed wetter. Listen to these repetitive affirmations with subliminal suggestions and whispers awake or asleep and watch your bed wetting results increase ten fold. You’ve always wanted to be able to be free enough to just let go and wet the bed. You love the feeling and you know its the real you, the true you that you are a bed wetter and that you will always be a bed wetter. Its just how it is. Fall down my hypnotic rabbit hole and let me guide and train you, Its what you always dream about, make it the reality. I will be your guide. Drop you down to where you can be a real bed wetter. A true bed wetter. Lets make all your bed wetting dreams come true. It all starts with one tiny step into the void.

Includes: Affirmations, trance training, subliminal suggestions, ABDL, bed wetting, femdom hypnosis, triggers

Listen: Bedwetting Affirmations Preview

Length : 38 mins
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

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