Diaper Craving Affirmations

Diaper Craving AffirmationsDiaper craving abdl hypnosis affirmation training. You need to be in a diaper 24/7 its what you crave and need. It’s your ultimate goal.It’s your dream for as long as you can remember. Now’s your opportunity to train to achieve your goals with diaper craving affirmations. Drop deep down into a trance. Listen and hear the triggers, you become excited at the thought of always wearing diapers. It makes you shake with anticipation. This is what you want, need and crave. Always thinking about diapers, always wanting to wear them, to use them, to feel them on your body next to your skin. You will train to make happen with affirmations. Listen to them all the time, on a loop in the car where ever you can. Your trance will deepen as you listen more and more. You crave diapers. You crave to feel diapers securely fit to your body.

Includes: ABDL, diapers, diaper training, triggers, mistress hypnosis, abdl hypnosis, trance training, messy, diaper mistress

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Length : 43 mins, 02 secs
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