femdom hypnosis Humiliation Hypnosis Mind Control MP3 Slave Training


Extreme subjugation DARK femdom hypnosis. You are nothing, you are not even a slave, you are only an object for me to toy with, to humiliate, to embarrass and to reduce to your true self, your true self of nothing. This session has extreme elements and is meant for only the most depraved and should […]

femdom hypnosis Feminization Hypnosis MP3

Cock Pleaser

Feminization hypnosis and trance training with a little forcedbi thrown in for good measure. What kind of girl are you? How do you see yourself, what do you wear, how do you walk, what is your self image. Maybe the kind of girl who dreams of being a real cock pleaser. That’s your ultimate goal, […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3 Slave Training

Beta Male Super Set

Get five of the most amazing intense beta male training mp3s at a discount! 25% Discount on this amazing bundle of hot intense beta male training mp3s! Intensify your training, live your destiny, be all you can be. 1. Beta Male Rules 2. Beta Male Confess 3. Beta Male surrender 4. Beta Male Affirmations 5. […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis Mind Control MP3

Powerful Sexual Energy

Repetitive Femdom Hypnosis affirmations to train your brain and body to tap into your powerful sexual energy. You will be an amazing lover with a cock that fucks like nothing else. Trance training with triggers and subliminal suggestions that increase your sexual energy, harnesses it and turns you into an extremely sexually potent man. Includes: […]

femdom hypnosis Humiliation Hypnosis MP3

Quick Draw Cock

Trance trained to premature ejaculate. You find your wife beautiful and you want nothing more then to be able to fuck her for hours but sadly your dick wont comply. The minute your hard throbbing cock gets brushed with her hand you explode in humiliation just like you did when you were i high school. […]

Cum Eating femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3

Cum Eating Affirmations

You know its what you should do, you want to but need that extra push. You will become a prolific cum eater. Its your destiny, its who you are on the inside. Its your fate! Over 45 minutes of cum eating trance affirmations, designed to stretch your cum eating skills. Making you more inclined, more […]

femdom hypnosis Findom Hypnosis MP3

Findom Affirmations

You long to be dominated but not the normal way, you crave something more creative, riskier, intense. Your foray into financial domination has begin, taking you one step further into your money slavery preoccupation. over 45 minutes of findom affirmations to help you with your journey into domination with a money twist. You cant help […]

Cuckold femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3

Submissive Cuckold Affirmations

Affirmation training. Over 45 minutes of repetitive affirmations to affirm your need to be cuckold to big black cock. Solidifying your place as a true cuckold who loves to watch his lover fucked by a black bull, while hes denied anything but fluffing. Multiple tracks include effects such as ASMR and binaural beats, back tracks […]

Ass worship femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3

Ass Sniffer

Trance training and erotic hypnosis training for perverts who cant get enough musky ass. Humiliation hypnosis for true perverts. You’re craving for sniffing ass increases as your humiliation and sexual satisfaction grows. They are intertwined, linked, conflated. Your arousal increases, as your deprivation increases. Controlled, obsessed, in a deep dark tunnel of a trance you […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis Make You Gay MP3

Hypnotized by cock

You will find your attraction to cock growing, you will find your craving for cock increasing, you will find you are thoroughly hypnotized by cock. You will need it, crave and and be obsessed by cock and sucking cock. Your sexual desires for women will begin to fade away and your attraction to being on […]