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Trigger Loop Full Series All Nine Mp3s

All Nine Mp3s In the Limited Edition Trigger Loop Series (Including artwork) These sessions are all SOLD OUT! The only way to get them is to buy the whole series. This is an amazing series full of subliminal suggestions, triggers and top notch femdom hypnosis affirmation training. All nine Triggering Mp3s for the price of […]

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Bimbo Affirmations

Be the bimbo you’ve always wanted to be, the one who gets all the boys, a real bubbly girly slutty bimbo, train with affirmations to become the mindless sex crazed bimbo slut you are deep down inside. Your bubble brain can only think about one thing…. cock cock and more cock. That’s because your a […]

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Sissy Directive 3: Bimbo body mod

Your sissy training continues with your bimbo body modification. You a have let yourself go and you must get back into sissy shape. The better shape you are in the more girly you are with a sexy sissy bod the more cock you will be allowed to suck. You must be attractive to men to […]