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Fog Induction

Can you feel the fog? Can you feel it taking you down deep and low. rolling across you, enveloping your thoughts, ideas and actions.  It comes in like a lion and takes you out like a lamb. Feel its warn rush making you more submissive, more compliant and ready for all my instructions. This induction […]

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Porn Is Your Drug Affirmations

Over 45 minutes of porn addiction affirmations. Designed to increase your dependence and addiction to porn. Your obsession turns to addiction as your need and cravings for more and more porn drive you to distraction. Porn is your drug and you always need a fix. Includes: Porn addiction, porn dependence training, slut training, mind fuck, […]

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Cocksucking Whore Affirmations

Affirmation training. Over 45 mins of repetitive affirmations to affirm your craving for sucking cock. Solidifying your place as a cock sucking whore. Multiple tracks include effects such as ASMR and binaural beats, back tracks and masking to further your triggers and training. All the bells and whistles. Includes: Make you gay, gay, homoerotic, mental […]