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Intense humiliation and degradation femdom hypnosis. Let me tell you who you are, what you are worth and how you will entertain me moving forward. You will learn your place though degradation and humiliation. You will be my piggy, doing what piggies do. Entertaining me and my close coven of Domme friends. You will be […]

Assignment Humiliation

Office Humiliation – Assignment

Bored at work? Not anymore! This assignment is for real torment and humiliation pigs. All my instructions must be followed to the letter, while you are out there earning a living you will be earning my scorn with this assignment. ¬† Torment yourself at work at my direction. Feel the humiliation, the shame and don’t […]


Chastity Punishment One – Assignment

You have failed at your chastity and you need to be punished. You will follow the instructions to the letter, you will work though the pain, you know you deserve this. You will do it because it will make you a much better slave. You know you deserve to be punished for your failure and […]


Ball Busting – Jenny’s Storytime – RETIRED

StorytimIts Story time! Today’s story “ball busting bobbie” Poor bobbie his evil step mom convinces the women in his neighborhood to help her in his “treatment” which of course includes mangling his already over sized swollen balls. Like stories? You will love this MP3! File Format : .mp3 Price: U.S. $15.00   Save

Assignment CBT

Cock And Ball Torment – Assignment

Listen up painsluts¬† here’s a little torture assignment for your cock and balls. For real lovers of extreme pain and torment. Its what you deserve and you know it. All instructions must be followed to the letter. Prove your worth. I know you can take it and I know you love to take it. Of […]

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Feed Your Pain Addiction – Femdom Hypnosis MP3

Feed Your Pain Addiction – Femdom Hypnosis: Feed your pain addiction, become accustomed to pain the way I want you to take it which, of course, is to feel it in your cock and balls. Learn to love the pain, to endure the pain to become addicted to the pain. My little painslut aroused at […]