femdom hypnosis Humiliation Hypnosis MP3


Intense humiliation and degradation femdom hypnosis. Let me tell you who you are, what you are worth and how you will entertain me moving forward. You will learn your place though degradation and humiliation. You will be my piggy, doing what piggies do. Entertaining me and my close coven of Domme friends. You will be […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis Intoxication MP3

Binge Drinker

Your desire to be a binge drinker is well known, you don’t hide that secret. All you want in live is to be a black out disgusting drunk with out the ability to stop all your drinking. Doing terrible horrible things while you are in this long desired trance state. Never being able to stop […]

Assignment Nipples

Nipple Torment

Real pain-sluts like their nipple in torment, you are no exception to that rule. You will need to gather all the items, find a time to dedicate to the intense nipple torment training. This is not for the weak of heart or tit, you will be pushed to your pain limit and beyond. your sexual […]