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Extreme subjugation DARK femdom hypnosis. You are nothing, you are not even a slave, you are only an object for me to toy with, to humiliate, to embarrass and to reduce to your true self, your true self of nothing. This session has extreme elements and is meant for only the most depraved and should […]


Essay Task: Pain – Assignment

Reflection and writing helps your submission training. It takes you just one step further on your journey of submission and obedience. Today’s writing assignment is Pain. Pain and your relationship to it in service of your Mistress. The time has come for you to confess your inner most thoughts and desires on the subject and […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis Mind Control MP3

Pain Slave

Pain slave erotic hypnosis training for slaves who need their tolerance increased beyond what it is already and their limits pushed further with hypnosis training. Opening your mind so your body can take more, Training for slaves who needs to learn to love the craving of pain and who need to be conditioned to need […]


Chastity Punishment One – Assignment

You have failed at your chastity and you need to be punished. You will follow the instructions to the letter, you will work though the pain, you know you deserve this. You will do it because it will make you a much better slave. You know you deserve to be punished for your failure and […]