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Ultimate Submission

Trained though hypnosis to lose control of your cock though your desires to be obedient to your mistress, giving in to this is your ultimate obedience. your cock will no longer be yours it will be triggered into a heightened arousal, a super sensitive state. Controlled into needing see your own your own cock pulsing […]


Essay Task: Service

Reflection and writing helps your submission training, submission to your Mistress. This task will take you one step further on your journey of submission and obedience to me. Today’s writing assignment is all about service. The time has come to confess your inner most thoughts on the subject  of service and commit pen to paper. […]

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There is a plan for you, you are part of the experiment, you are a government drone. Programed, Indoctrinated and mesmerized. Triggers implanted, stimulated, used. These are the facts. My thoughts are your thoughts, you don’t know what it up and what is down all you know is what I give you. Includes: Foot fetish, […]

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Never cum again affirmations

Over 30 minutes of erotic hypnosis repetitive affirmations to help you remain chaste to me. You will never cum again that is a fact of your new life as a chastity slave and these affirmations will help you learn your place as MY chastity slave, the slave you dream of being. You crave chastity and […]

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Submit and Obey Collection – 5 Mp3s

Submit and obey – 5 amazing submission addiction hypnosis Mp3s bundled together for a great price break! 1. Submission Obsession Submission Obsession is what you crave. Being under a strong woman’s control is what you desire. You are addicted to submission and the more you submit the deeper you go the more you need it. […]