What Dreams Will Come

Sissy dream trance training: You’re a sissy, we both know that’s true. You’re the kind of sissy that cant help but dream, not real dreams. Dirty dreams, dreams I put into your stupid sissy brain. Embarrassing humiliating dreams, they feel so real, you feel so alive, like such a sissy whore, sucking all those cocks you can almost feel it on your dirty mouth, you awake only to find your own cock in your mouth! you are a sissy self sucker! Its true you can’t help it its an addition, addicted to sucking your own sissy cock but again the dreams come again the always come again, the dreams your mistress Jenny puts there in your empty sissy head and the cycle begins again. Dream,wake up with your cock in your mouth… But is is a dream? the training, the training to be a better sissy, to be the best sissy, to be a sissy who holds back who doesn’t go popping off all willy nilly all the time, a sissy who gets closer to god and by god a mean closer to Goddess Jenny. then of course you fall back asleep one more time…. oh what dreams will come this time…
Includes: sissy training, bdsm, self sucking, cocksucking, trance training, triggers, secret messages, spanking, strap on, humiliation, twerking, exposure, erotic dreams, goddess worship, orgasm control, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis

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Length : 31 mins, 27 secs
File Format : .mp3
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